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Arch City Tutors was founded to bridge the gap between students, tutors, and convenience. As both parents and educators, we understand that students and their families have busy schedules, and it can be difficult to schedule tutoring sessions around extracurricular activities. With this in mind, we developed a secure and safe platform that enables students in need of tutoring to directly connect with qualified tutors who have already passed our stringent background check.

Our journey began when Amber, a 4th grade teacher, was discussing her summer plans with her husband, Dillon, and how she was contacted by several of her students’ parents, as well as their close friends, about the possibility of tutoring their children during summer break. Although Amber was planning on tutoring during summer break, she explained to Dillon that the number of requests she received far exceeded the capabilities of a single person, and many parents are unable to find tutors for their children, despite there being many teachers who want to tutor. As it turned out, even though parents wanted to find tutors, and teachers wanted to tutor, there was no easy way for them to find each other.

Sure, there are thousands of tutoring companies, however, they weren’t built specifically for students AND teachers. These companies require students to buy a set number of tutoring sessions, but don’t give students any say in which tutor they are assigned. Often times students are randomly placed with one of the company’s available tutors, who the student knows nothing about, and there is no guarantee that the tutor has teaching experience. As for teachers, working for these companies can be very difficult. The companies set the tutors hours and effectively force the tutors to tutor when they don’t want to tutor.

Arch City Tutors was founded to provide solutions to each of those problems.

Arch City Tutors has a large network of tutors that is constantly growing, so, if a particular tutor only wants to tutor during specific times, we have other tutors that are available. Connecting students with tutors, and tutors with students, is our purpose, and we aim to please!”

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